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AKCA adjustable telescopic props are used in desired height with safety. Assembling and disassembling is immensely easy. Reusing is available in plenty of times. It is a construction member that its economy and safety has been proved. Telescopic props are basic bearing members used for bearing loads of floor and girder with so wide working height and high bearing capacity. In accordance with used place, they are produced together with socket types of sub-floor and sub-girder. Props stained its indoor-outdoor with industrial stain may be galvanized in accordance with preference.

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System is applicable. TSE certified and Sertfikal of our production Steel / Tube is used.

Technical Specifications Product Our company can make the necessary changes in the conditions he saw. First Quality Control Officer of the final product is made by our company.

Products can be sent from our factory unless otherwise specified in the Contract Area. Transportation / Shipping Customer Support Organization is to Become.

Cost of materials as Accompaniment bank transfer to our account.

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Telescopic props, due to their extensive work heights and
high carrying capacity, are the main structural members 
used for carrying loads of flooring and beams.
Props’ inner-outer parts are painted with industrial paint, 
at the same time there is optional galvanized coating. 

AKÇA İskele props are safely used for desired
heights. Assembling and disassembling is easy.
It is a structural element of which reliability
and economic has been proven.